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Orendorf Custom Homes is committed to treating information it receives from visitors to its website with respect and in accordance with the law. Orendorf Custom Homes’ goal is to collect as much information as the user wishes to give, regarding persons who visit its website. This information is used to serve its customers with their home buying and related needs. This will also provide visitors with information on Orendorf Custom Homes’ products, innovations, information, services and opportunities.

When you register on-line with Orendorf Custom Homes, we may ask for your e-mail address, zip code, general information about the products, services and other information you seek. This other information may include your name and other data we deem appropriate to better serve you. We ask for this information so that we are better able to determine requests for our products, to better understand and appreciate our customers, to develop our advertising and, in some cases, to contact you.

Orendorf Custom Homes will not provide your information to companies and entities not affiliated with Orendorf Custom Homes except in the following instances:

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