Learn why you should build with Orendorf Custom Homes

The History of Orendorf Custom Homes

After building hundreds of homes over the years I have come to realize that for me the best part of being a builder is meeting customers and working together with them to create their dream homes. As the former co-owner of Joseph Douglas Homes, I focused on growing the business for almost 10 years. In doing so, I gradually had less and less personal interaction with our clients, and eventually realized that I was no longer doing what I loved.

Looking back at our family of homeowners, I could see that they really appreciated the personal attention. We’ve had a great deal of success in creating wonderful homes and wonderful friendships, and it has been truly rewarding for myself and my staff. This is why we like to say Orendorf Custom Homes is known for “Great Homes & Great People.”

The Process

The process to start building a home is really quite easy. If you are thinking of building, simply give us a call or stop by one of our model homes to introduce yourself. We will guide you through our process to see if it is a good fit for us to work together. During this meeting you will see a handful of plans that we have built over the years, but we’ll explain how we have created hundreds of variations of these homes to offer our homeowners a full custom home service.

Once a collective decision has been made as to which home best suits your lifestyle, we will meet to review a detailed proposal in a very relaxed environment at our office or model home. I feel that before anyone builds a home they owe it to themselves to meet with us as well as at least one other builder to discuss their ideas. There is never any cost or obligation to this meeting at Orendorf Custom Homes and it is always done in a very relaxed setting. Here we will discuss your thoughts and ideas and what you really want out of your new home. Whether you build with Orendorf Custom Homes or another quality builder in the area, we are sure that your time will be well spent in meeting with us, and you will walk away with numerous ideas and information.

If you are looking to build a timeless home from 1800 sq. ft. to 5000 sq. ft. please give us a call, email or stop by one of our model homes. Your time will be well invested and result in a home you can be proud of for generations.

About our Pricing

In the Greater Milwaukee area, most home builders’ costs for their products and labor is about the same so you are getting only what you are paying for; either more or less of specification, service and quality contractors. Orendorf Custom Homes is not the least expensive builder in town, nor would you want us to be. There are wonderful products on the market today that many quality builders use, and there are numerous products that are inferior and should be avoided due to the climate conditions we have here in Wisconsin. We advise you to ask questions about what you are getting and why certain products are being used. Every builder should be able to educate you as to why they use particular products, be it performance, aesthetics, price or service. When you are comfortable with this information, you can move forward from there.

At Orendorf Custom Homes, we have carefully selected every product that goes into your home, so you can be confident that your home will bring you years of enjoyment.